Adventure Audio with Christian Terjesen

I spent the last weekend out in California at the NAMM Show supporting my guitar effects pedal company Adventure Audio. Man, do I have some stories from that trip but I will try and keep this short. The coolest thing that I saw out there was the first candle powered phaser pedal by Zvex effects. I really dig the ingenuity of some companies that push the envelope on the possibilities of reality. Adventure Audio is all about inspiring the adventure of tone and this thing called life. 

A few months ago, I walked into an open house at Wicked Squid studios and met Josh. We started talking about audio gear and I mentioned that I was finishing my Masters in EE and Audio DSP. Long story short, he needed a tech guy and I was in the right place at the right time. If you end up at Wicked Squid, I am usually the guy running around with the drill and soldering iron fixing all the gear that breaks as well as managing Adventure Audio