Blah Blah Bands N Brews

Hello and greetings from the Squid and more personally, me, Hannah!

We have been quite busy at the studio this past month. On top of our usual shenanigans, we filmed our first season of Bands N Brews! We brought in a film crew from Ithaca, FiveXFilms, and recorded 12 episodes in the span of only 5 days. It was intense and fast paced, but none of us could have been happier with the outcome, and the process as a whole. I, personally, am also very excited and proud to be the host of Bands N Brews. It was an honor to get to interview all these amazing local bands, and I can't wait for season 2!

Here's a list of the bands we did sessions with (in order of recording):

  1. Bogs Visionary Orchestra
  2. Green Dreams
  3. Speirs
  4. Collapsible Animal
  5. KOPPS
  6. The Temptators
  7. Ocular Panther
  8. Passive Aggressives Anonymous
  9. Hot Mayonnaise
  10. Secret Pizza
  11. Buffalo Sex Change
  12. Oh Manitou

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for our first session because we are hoping to release the first one in a month or two. Each episode will feature one band, one brew of the bands choice, an interview with me and the band, and one performance!

Faretheewell you crazy katz!