Blah Blah Blog with Hannah

Greetings fellow artists! 

Since I’m new to Wicked Squid I thought I’d start by introducing myself: 

My name is Hannah and this is my dog Beasley! I’m a musician, painter, comedian, and general weirdo, and I will be bringing you interweb updates from time to time. 

There’s a lot in the mix here at the studio. We just finished recording with Pleistocene and St. Phillips Escalator so keep your eyes peeled for that. We were also just approved for the installation of a non-parallel wall.  The wall will significantly enhance our recordings, and bring us into a new level of sound quality.

As far as future Squid endeavors go, we will be debuting a web series called Bands and Brews. Each episode will feature a local band getting interviewed by yours truly! We will sample some beers, talk shop, and then hear a song from the bands themselves. This will be debuting in early 2016, so make sure you're constantly refreshing this page until then.

Until next time, peace out.